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A build guide exclusive to the console versions of the game

Written by GT SlayaIzaiah
Last updated on July 16th, 2022



The following guide is made for the console versions of the game, as it is meant to make up for the damage lost due to the Nephalem Glory bug: Grim Scythe cast by Simulacrum does not benefit from Nephalem Glory, which results in a loss of ~2.5 GR tiers worth of damage as opposed to the PC version of the game.

However, another difference between Console and PC for this build is that on console, the casting animation for Skeletal Mage does not interrupt any other skill being cast. This means that it is possible to cast Skeletal Mage while casting Grim Scythe, which allows the Necro (and not just the Sims) to benefit from the Leger's Disdain multiplier. On PC, these skills have to be cast separately, so the build usually doesn't use an Essence dump at all.​ The Essence-dump playstyle is unique to consoles and results in extra damage that can make up for the NG bug. Read more about the mechanics and the math here.






Cursed Scythe

Enemies hit by the scythe have a 15% chance to be inflicted with a random curse.



Blood and Bone

Now also creates a Simulacrum of Bone, but the duration is reduced to 10 seconds.




Enemies hit are also stunned for 2 seconds.

Bone Armor's damage is turned into Poison.



Blighted Marrow

Damage is increased by 15% for each enemy Bone Spear passes through.

Bone Spear's damage turns into Poison.



Potency *

Increases your armor by 100% for 2 seconds after casting.



Contamination *

Raise a contaminated mage that channels an aura of decay for 100% weapon damage as Poison for its duration.

* You can run 5 stacks of Nayr's Black Death by using Death Nova Blight + Illusory Boots (Cube) instead of Blood Rush Potency + Steuart's Greaves (Cube). The former has a 20% higher damage output and the latter has the amazing utility of Blood Rush with 125% increased movement speed, which is especially great with The Flavor of Time on your Follower and some good Pylons (even if they don't spawn in an ideal location).

* Another variant can use Skeletal Mage Skeleton Archer + Death Nova Blight + Illusory Boots (Cube) instead of Skeletal Mage Contamination + Blood Rush Potency + Steuart's Greaves (Cube). The former will technically have a slightly higher DPS than the variant that uses 5 Nayr's stacks and will deal with some Rift Guardians better, but will have a slightly harder time getting through the rift.




Increase the attack speed of Bone Spikes, Siphon Blood, and Grim Scythe by 15%.

Why: 15% increased attack speed for Grim Scythe arguably makes this the best passive for this build.



Receive a 1% damage bonus for each enemy afflicted by one of your curses.

Why: since all of the enemies that we attack get cursed via Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe, the extra 1% additive damage per enemy with no apparent cap is a very significant damage increase.



Increase armor by 100%, reduced by 10% for each active minion.

Why: The effectiveness of this gets diminished by our Skeletal Mages but since our two Simulacrums don't diminish this at all, it will still provide a useful amount of toughness.



Your curses cost 50% less Essence and last forever.

Why: a nice choice to help keep the toughness from Dayntee's Binding and keep a higher damage increase from Spreading Malediction.

Alternative: Final Service


This is an LoD build and will use no set bonuses, the only set piece used is Krelm's Buff Bracers for its Legendary Power.

The core pieces of this build consist of:

  • Haunted Visions

  • Leger's Disdain

  • Razeth's Volition

  • Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang

  • Depth Diggers

This build is incredibly tanky but most of the "tankiness" is actually just the insane amount of HP recovery from Simulacrum's interaction with Leech. When they hit enemies affected by Leech, they return HP based on their own Max. Life, which is much more than the Max. Life of the Necro.

General Gear Priorities

  • The survivability of your Sims is the top priority (see below). Prioritize getting Life% on your shoulders, chest and belt, as Life% (and Vitality) double-dips for Simulacrums, giving them more toughness and giving you a huge boost to HP recovery due to their interesting interaction with Leech.

  • At a minimum, you will want to at least have Area Damage on your shoulders (after Life%).

  • You should try to at least reach the 29 FPA breakpoint for Grim Scythe, which means you are going for at least 1.7411 APS with the Swift Harvesting passive. A better breakpoint will not only result in higher DPS, but also more recovery from Leech.

    • Some Target Breakpoints (while using Swift Harvesting):
      30 FPA: 1.6831 APS
      29 FPA: 1.7411 APS
      28 FPA: 1.8033 APS

  • Try to eventually get all ancient gear pieces to get the full bonus from Legacy of Dreams, but having the correct stats on your gear is usually more beneficial overall.

Simulacrums survivability

The toughness of Simulacrums scale with Vitality and Life%. They are not affected by worn Armor or Damage Reduction. Each simulacrum has Max Life equal to: ((maxLife + (vit * 100)) * 2) * (1 + Life%) * (1 + (Life% / 2)). This means that Life% almost triple dips with Simulacrums.

Using the D3planner as an example, with 1,426,301 Max Life, 7387 vitality, and +93% Life, each simulacrum has 12,242,864 Max Life. ((1,426,301 + (7387 * 100)) * 2) * (1 + 0.93) * (1 + (0.93 / 2)) = 12,242,864.15

Leech returns 2% Max Life multiplied by skill proc coefficient per hit. The proc coefficient of Grim Scythe:Cursed Scythe is 0.48. (0.02*0.48 = 0.0096), so each hit returns 0.0096x Max Life per enemy. Using the D3planner, this means:

  • Necro(player) returns 13,692.49 HP per hit

  • Each Simulacrum returns 117,531.49 HP per hit (235,062.99 HP total)

  • Total of 248,755.48 HP per hit (~94.5% of recovery is from Simulacrums)

  • With six targets, all of your HP is returned per hit.

  • ​Using the D3planner as an example, with 1,426,301 Max Life, 7387 vitality, and +93% Life, each simulacrum has 12,242,864 Max Life. ((1,426,301 + (7387 * 100)) * 2) * (1 + 0.93) * (1 + (0.93 / 2)) = 12,242,864.15



Legendary Helm

Stat priorities: Attack Speed, Poison%, Socket, Critical Hit Chance
Desired secondary stat: Reduce duration of control impairing effects
* Note: This is a great offensive option for this gear slot

Alternative: Leoric's Crown
Stat priorities: Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: Reduce duration of control impairing effects
* Note: This is a great defensive option for this slot, especially for lower paragons and on Hardcore, but you will need to make up for the loss of Attack Speed roll by wearing Krysbin's Sentence and cubing Unity ring 

Socket: Amethyst for the extra Life% for Simulacrum toughness and our HP recovery



Legendary Chest Armor

Stat priorities: Sockets, Life% / Vitality / Armor, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: Missile / Melee damage reduction, any resistance

Socket: Amethyst for the extra Life% for Simulacrum toughness and our HP recovery

Razeth's Volition.png


Legendary Shoulders

Stat priorities: Life%, Area Damage, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: any resistance

Stone Gauntlets.png


Legendary Gloves

Stat priorities: Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed, Area Damage
Desired secondary stat: a LOW roll on Immobilize on Hit, any resistance

Depth Diggers.png


Legendary Pants

Stat priorities: High legendary power affix, Grim Scythe%, Armor, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: Pickup Radius

Dayntee's Binding.png


Legendary Belt

Stat priorities: Life%, Grim Scythe%, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: any resistance

Ice Climbers.png


Legendary Boots

Stat priorities: Armor, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: any resistance (or All Resist primary roll), Pickup Radius



Stat priorities: Poison%, Critical Hit Chance, Vitality, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: Missile / Melee damage reduction, any resistance

Set Bracers



Legendary Phylactery

Stat priorities: High legendary power affix, Critical Hit Chance, High Damage Range, Grim Scythe%, Area Damage, Intelligence
Desired secondary stat: Maximum Essence 



​Legendary Amulet

Stat priorities: Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Poison%
Desired secondary stat: Missile / Melee damage reduction, Reduce duration of control impairing effects

Convention of Elements


Legendary Ring

Stat priorities: High legendary power affix, Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Area Damage
Desired secondary stat: Reduce duration of control impairing effects

* Note: the ring always rolls with primary stat (Intelligence), Critical Hit Chance and Socket. You need to get a perfect ring that already rolled with Critical Hit Damage or Area Damage, where you can re-roll Intelligence to the 4th needed stat.

Ring of Royal Grandeur


Legendary Ring

Stat priorities: Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Elite damage
Desired secondary stat: Reduce duration of control impairing effects

* Note: the ring always rolls with primary stat (Intelligence), Critical Hit Chance and Elite Damage. You need to get a perfect ring where you can re-roll Intelligence to Critical Hit Damage.

Alternative: Krysbin's Sentence



Legendary Ring

Stat priorities: High legendary power affix, Socket, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Chance
Desired secondary stat: Reduce duration of control impairing effects

* Note: the ring always rolls with Attack Speed and primary stat (Intelligence). You need to get a perfect ring that already rolled with Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Chance, where you can re-roll Intelligence to the 4th needed stat.

Alternative: Unity



Legendary Scythe

Stat priorities: High legendary power affix, High damage range, Damage%, Attack Speed, Area Damage
Desired secondary stat: Maximum Essence



Legendary Two-Handed Scythe


​Each different poison skill cast increases the damage of all poison skills by 100% for 15 seconds.


Legendary Boots


Gain 75% - 100% increased movement speed for 10 seconds after using Blood Rush.


Legendary Ring


Deal 100% increased damage against slowed enemies or triple this bonus against enemies afflicted by any other type of control-impairing effect.

Alternative: Unity




While you have no set bonuses equipped, every Legendary item you have equipped increases your damage and reduces your damage taken.

Why: this is the gem that makes the build possible, by allowing to equip 13 synergistic legendary items for up to 9750% increased damage and 52% damage reduction.



Increases the damage of Primary skills.

Why: since Grim Scythe is a Primary Skill, this gem is a natural inclusion in the build.



Each attack you make against an enemy increases the damage it takes from your attacks.

Why: the damage stacking effect is needed to kill the Rift Guardian. 

Alternative: In groups use Bane of the Trapped.


  • Max out Max. Essence for synergy with Ledger's Disdain

  • Put points into Vitality, aiming for over 1M Max. Life

  • Put into movement speed enough points to reach 25% overall movement speed



On consoles, it is possible to reduce the cooldown of Scoundrel's skills by rolling CDR on his gear. This allows you to gear him similarly to the Templar and reduce the time on Night's Veil's to 10~ seconds. Click here for example d3planner.

Scoundrel's Skills:​

  • Crippling Shot vs Powered shot -- ideally you should pick neither if you prefer to reduce the CC effects.

  • Piercing shot for the extra 10% damage boost.

  • Night's Veil and Anatomy skills -- great DPS boosts.


The enchantress is a very good option if you're lacking Attack Speed on gear to reach the needed AS breakpoint. Click here for example d3planner.

Enchantress' Skills:​

  • Temporal Pulse to proc Bane of the Trapped.

  • Amplification as we don't need cooldown in this build.

  • Powered Shield is a great defensive option as the necro lacks armor.

  • Focused Mind for the needed attack speed.



It's best to map Grim Scythe and Simulacrum to the triggers while having the rest of the skills on your primary buttons. This lets you easily keep scything while casting your other skills.

Example of a button configuration:

  • Grim Scythe: RT on Xbox / R2 on PlayStation / ZR on Switch

  • Simulacrum: RB on Xbox / R1 on PlayStation / ZL on Switch

  • Skeletal Mage: A on Xbox / X on PlayStation / B on Switch 

  • Bone Spear: X on Xbox / Square on PlayStation / Y on Switch

  • Blood Rush: Y on Xbox / Triangle on PlayStation / X on Switch

  • Bone Armor: B on Xbox / Circle on PlayStation / A on Switch


  • Always start by casting Simulacrum, you won't have to cast this again unless they die.

  • Aways making sure to cast Bone Armor Dislocation right at the end of the Physical Cycle of CoE, just before the Poison Cycle.

  • Cast each of your poison skills once per CoE rotation.

  • During the Cold and Physical cycles of Convention of Elements you should only cast Skeletal Mage about once every 2 seconds. This is so you still have Essence to cast your other Poison skills and also so you still gain toughness from the Stand Alone passive. During the complete 4 seconds of the Poison cycle, you want to hold down the button for both Skeletal Mage and Grim Scythe for maximum DPS​.


It is important to always be aware of the position of your Simulacrums, and try to position them so that both of their Scythe swings overlap yours. Ideally there will be a point where all three swings intersect and that is where you will output the most damage. You can move your Sims to you by quickly running in a small circle, but getting them positioned correctly will take practice.


There are better speed builds such as the "Rat" build, but the setup here replaces Unity with Brigg's Wrath and Bane of the Stricken with Bane of the Trapped. This setup will give you more damage for lower GRs and allows Grim Scythe to group enemies together. ​


[2.6.9] (GR135+) LoD Poison Scythe Push Guide

[2.6.9] (GR135+) LoD Poison Scythe Push Guide

What an amazing build. GR135+ potential at a mere ~1600 paragons. LoD aside, this is a low paragon, low key investment, casual friendly, fun build that also scales well with mid to high paragons. Forgot to mention: I think Potion of Amplification or Potion of Unfettered would complement the build, but really, you can choose whatever potion you want. Questions from viewers: Seasonal Only Build or would you still include Steuart's Greaves for Non-seasonal? No adjustments for non-seasonal. The seasonal procs will help you progress if you are lucky and get pretty good at lining them up, and while the choice of Steuart's greaves does support utilizing them better, I would still be opting for Steuart's even if they were not there. Why no Golemskin Breeches? With this build we have very low CDR / high cooldown (perhaps one 8% affix on top of 10% paragon). This means our base cooldown for golem is: 45s*(1-.1)*(1-.08) = 37.25 seconds. Now, if you have a well rolled Golemskin breeches, you get -25, so that would be 12.35s cooldown on golem, however, a 23s one would be 14.35s, 22s would be 15.35s. etc. All of these lower than 24s are unacceptable IMO, given the 15s requirement on Nayr's. Also, 24-25 in ancient is slightly harder to acquire, so this is a slight deterrent. On top of this high cooldown (can't cast whenever you want), the poison rune on golem requires corpses to consume. This means if you haven't killed anything IN THE AREA you are, your Nayr's black death stack will be delayed. Golem takes up a pet slot, so you lose 10% armor from stand alone, and it can also die in combat, costing you the 30% DR. The DR offered is only 30%, which is nice to have (as is cubing the depth diggers), but I just feel like this much micromanagement and very little benefit is not worth going after for that slot over the higher utility with Steuart's Greaves. Just my opinion. Links: GR135 clear video: [2.6.9] Builds: Thanks to Riv of Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:39 - Haunted Visions 01:04 - Simulacrum Mechanics 02:07 - Toughness & Sim Survival 02:57 - Armor items, skills, mechanics 04:51 - DR items, skills, mechanics 06:18 - VIT and Life% 07:25 - Leech+Sim Mechanics 09:31 - Other Defensives 10:42 - Offensive Increases & Mechanics 12:25 - Nayr's 14:12 - why 4 stack? Utility synergy 15:52 - Sims Positioning 17:25 - Utility Synergy continued 19:03 - Density 19:47 - Rift Guardians 21:22 - Affixes general + weapons priority order 24:37 - Life%, VIT and +Armor in balance 27:55 - Grim Scythe%, CHC, CHD, Ele% 28:46 - Attack Speed 31:45 - Area Damage 33:09 - Secondary Affixes 34:49 - Low Paragon Options 35:55 - Really High Paragon Options 37:24 - Concluding 37:56 - GR128 Clear
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