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On the console versions of Diablo 3, Nephalem Glory (aka "NG", the yellow orbs) provide double damage to the entire party when picked up. They're extremely important and on higher difficulties can determine if you complete or fail a GR. Each globe provides double damage for 20 seconds and any additional globe adds to this timer, up to a maximum of 180 seconds.

The globes drop when you kill enough enemies and reach massacre bonus breakpoints. On consoles the breakpoints are: 10 kills, 20 kills, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300. The frequency of the drops decreases the more enemies you kill and after 300 kills the globes no longer drop. This is why it is important to reset your kills streak when pushing GRs. In order to reset the kills streak, you must let the massacre bonus run out.

Nephalem Glory Globe

Strategies to reset the kills streak

  1. You can die (on softcore!) and wait for the massacre to run out before respawning.

  2. You can stop attacking -- this is harder for builds that have DoT effects or AoE skills, i.e. a Firebird Twister Wizard. It is also harder if you have Thorns as a secondary stat on your gear, as the enemies will attack you and the kill streak will continue to tick.

  3. You can move to an empty area, i.e. move a few screens ahead or back / go to the next map / go back to a previous map, and wait out the kill streak. When pushing this is the easiest way to reset: simply wait it out in the beginning of the next map before continuing. Not doing so would be extremely detrimental to your pushing attempts.

  4. You can teleport to town and reset the kill streaks there. When you play solo, it pays to equip Homing Pads on your follower particularly for this reason. Note: doing so will cause you to lose all pylon effects (except speed), so it would be better to reset the streak before taking the pylon.

Resetting kills in a group

As long as one of the party members can keep the streak going, the globes will drop according to that player. For example, if player A has a kill streak of 80, and player B has a kill streak of 30 -- no glory would drop until player A reaches the 100 breakpoint (extra 20 kills), even though only 10 extra kills would've been required for player B's 40 kills breakpoint. Due to this reason, it is important that all party members reset their kill streak together, by waiting together at the start of the map and continuing only when everyone is reset.​

Position of NG globes

The globes drop behind the last player in the party (in a party of 4, it's player 4; in a party of 3, it's player 3, and so on). In group speeds, it is useful for the last player to also be the fastest player in the party -- this way the globes will fall behind them and the rest of the party could pick them up whilst moving forward, without having to turn around.

Promise of Glory / Blind Faith combo

When playing in groups, it is often useful for the zBarb to wear Promise of Glory bracers along with Blind Faith helm. The two items together help to proc NG irrespective of the kill streak, removing the need to reset the kills.

  • The best way to proc PoG + BF is on the zBarb that uses Whirlwind "Dust Devils" rune: this is due to AoE of WW and the extra spawned tornadoes that hit multiple targets.

  • The zDH is less efficient at proccing PoG + BF: Strafe and Entangling Shot are mostly single target skills and therefore hit fewer enemies compared to WW. This, combined with the fact that the barb frequently stomps and pulls enemies (making them CC immune and unblindable), makes it difficult for the zDH to proc NG. If you do use the zDH for NG, Strafe's Rocket Storm and Demolition runes have a better chance to proc than Drifting Shadow due to more AoE.

  • Do not put PoG + BF on both the zDH and the zBarb -- this will lead to too much CC and would actually hurt the odds of generating a NG. It's better to keep them only on the zBarb.


NG is supposed to double the damage but unfortunately it doesn't work on some skills / runes. Below is a list of known skills that are impacted.

Necromancer NG bug


​Simulacrums casting Grim Scythe are not benefiting from NG, only you are benefiting from it.

The bug is affecting only Grim Scythe; Bone Spear and Skeletal Mages are intact.

Witch Doctor NG bug


​The default rune provided by Gazing Demise does not benefit from NG; all the other runes are intact (i.e. Manitou).

  • Affected builds: LoD Spirit Barrage and Mundunugu Spirit Barrage

  • Nerf impact: 1-3.6 tiers, depending on density

Monk NG bug


​Rabid Strike summons a clone that is considered a mystic ally. Unfortunately this clone doesn't benefit from NG. Since 98% of the damage in LoD WoL is coming from the clone, this is a major nerf to the build.

  • Affected builds: LoD WoL

  • Nerf impact: 4.3 tiers

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